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Why Start a Vegetable Garden?

While the information in this article won’t be able to tell you if vegetable gardening is a good fit for you or not, it will give you enough reasons to make the initial investment and give vegetable gardening a try. With all of these benefits in mind, the earlier challenges faced when growing your own vegetables won’t seem as difficult because you will be able to clearly see the reward.

It’s Organic (and Tastier!)

One of the big changes in the last few years has been the strong push towards organically grown vegetables. The use of chemicals in order to fertilize

or treat crops for pest control makes perfect sense when you consider vegetable farming as an industry. The goal of any business is to ultimately make money. A farming business may have a mission statement about the quality of their food or the happiness that it brings to the table, but at the end of the day that business doesn’t exist without making money. Chemicals, which quickly kill off pests, and fertilizers, which produce larger than average vegetables allow for larger yields at a lower cost. Considering that these vegetables then need to be shipped around the country to various stores, you can see why this business model works.

The problem is that those same chemicals are not very healthy for humans to eat. Our bodies weren’t designed to be pumped full of strange chemicals. They did evolve to eat vegetables and other naturally grown products. Growing your vegetables with an organic approach removes these harmful chemicals from the equation so that you don’t find yourself consuming poison or carcinogenic toxins. This makes growing your own vegetables a healthy choice, though it is far from the only reason it is healthier.

But let’s say that you aren’t concerned about chemicals in your food. You’ve been eating store-bought vegetables your whole life and you’ve never had any health problems. Why should you care about going organic? If you don’t care about health then you should go organic because it tastes better. Studies show that organically grown foods are rated as tastier when subjects perform taste tests between organically and chemically grown vegetables. Scientists are still looking to explain whether this is due to biological or psychological reasons. So far, the results suggest that it is both. But regardless of the reason, people swear that organic foods taste better. So if you don’t care about your health, care about your taste buds and give organic vegetable gardening a try.

It’s Cheaper

If you want to buy your own vegetables then you have two options. The most commonly chosen way to get vegetables is to walk or drive down to the nearest grocery store and see what is in stock. The quality of the vegetables in a grocery store can be great but more often than not they are simply average or even unappealing. Regardless of the quality, you still end up paying the same price all the same.

The other way that people buy vegetables is to head to the local farmer’s market and find a seller. These are often higher quality vegetables, but they can range in price to be both less or more than grocery store bought vegetables, as the price is determined by the individual seller.

In the first example, the price of vegetables needs to be enough so that the grocery store makes a profit on them. This means that they need to

cover the cost of storage and transportation, as well as the price they were purchased at in the first place. The farmer’s market price needs to also cover enough for the table at the market, the price of getting the vegetables to the market and the cost of growing them in the first place.

This is a lot of money that is being exchanged for services rather than the vegetables themselves. The best way to lower the cost of the vegetables in your diet is to grow them yourself. You will need to invest a little money up front and throughout the growing process but this investment will pay for itself quickly as your grocery bill shrinks. The most cost effective way to have fresh vegetables is to cut out all the middlemen and grow your own.

But while we’re on the topic of money…

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