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Make Money With a Vegetable Garden

We just got done talking about saving money by avoiding the farmer’s market, but the flipside to that particular benefit is the fact that you could be the one selling vegetables there. If you have your own garden then you can harvest your crops, take what you need for yourself and sell the rest locally. Many gardeners even maintain a garden for themselves and one for crops they are planning to sell.

If you are growing vegetables in your garden anyway, then adding a couple more with the intent to sell what they produce can be a great way to earn back your initial investment. If you switch to eating your own vegetables rather than buying them, you are going to save money on the grocery bill, but the initial investment will not be repaid in the strictest definition. If you take those same vegetables and sell them, you can earn back that investment with extra to cover the interest.

Keep in mind that the initial investment to start a vegetable garden isn’t very high anyway, so it can quickly turn a profit if that is your intention. Outdoor gardens will only be able to make money on a seasonal basis but indoor vegetable gardeners can keep growing vegetables throughout the year. We are going to focus on outdoor gardening here, but indoor growing is worth researching if you intend to use your vegetable gardening skills to earn money.

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