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How to Grow Carrots

Carrots are a beloved vegetable to humans and bunnies all over the world. These orange root vegetables like the colder weather around the start of the spring or the end of the fall where temperatures are around 75F during daytime and fifteen or twenty degrees colder during the night. While carrots enjoy the sun, they are one of the species that can get by just fine with some shade.

Carrots are planted in rows that are a couple feet apart from each other to allow each plant enough space to grow, as well as to allow gardeners access to each plant. Seeds themselves are planted inches apart throughout the row, and half an inch below the surface of the soil. The soil shouldn’t have any large particles in it that can interfere with the roots. The soil itself should be loose enough to allow plenty of oxygen to the roots and quick draining. It is best to use a sandy mixture for this and avoid mineral-heavy soil, as this often leads to disfigured vegetables.

As seedlings begin to emerge, gardeners are required to thin out the rows so that there are a few inches between plants. It may feel weird to remove plants you worked hard to grow, but doing this allows the plants left in the ground to get more nutrients instead of fighting with its neighbours. By pulling two carrots out, you save the third. When you don’t thin your rows at all, you end up losing all three.

Carrot seeds like to have a moist top layer of soil in order to properly germinate. This can make the process take several weeks; hot weather can slow it down even more. Water the soil before you plant the seeds and then water the area gently throughout the following weeks. As the seedlings grow, they will need to be watered as the soil dries out. This will usually be every three or four days or roughly twice a week.

Once a carrot starts to grow, it keeps growing. You can harvest tiny little carrots almost right away if you wanted, but it is best to allow them to take on their orange color. They are the tastiest when they are nice and bright. To determine the size of a carrot, carefully dig into the soil so that you can see the root. The size of the root will tell you the size of the carrot. When you are ready to harvest, use a firm grip on the root to gently pull the carrot up and out of the earth.

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