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Growing Your Own Vegetables is Great Exercise

There is nothing more refreshing than a little bit of exercise after a long day of work. It seems like a contradiction to push yourself when you are tired but studies show it leaves you healthier and feeling more energized. Some people head to the gym to lift weights after work, others go for a nice long jog. One way that thousands of people across the world get their exercise is through working in their gardens. Despite often being down on your hands and knees, vegetable gardening is a great way to get exercise and this is just another of the many ways that starting a vegetable garden is an investment in your health.

Soil needs to be mixed and moved around the yard. You need to get down to the plants level and then up to your feet again. It gets you outdoors in the natural sunlight, which is a natural antidepressant, and the fresh air, which makes the lungs happy. These elements release endorphins in your brain which make you feel happier, while the exercise keeps the body healthy and working well. So instead of paying for a monthly gym pass, you can get your exercise while growing a crop that will pay you instead.

If you have a weak disposition, then vegetable gardening can be a good way to get exercise at a slower pace than other approaches. Those with strong bodies and active lifestyles are going to receive lesser benefits in this regard, but getting out of the house and enjoying the fresh air is great for the mind, body, and soul.

Grow a Variety of Foods

Most vegetable gardens are full of staples; lettuce and carrots, potatoes and tomatoes, pumpkins and peppers are common. You are free to grow one of these or all of them as you see fit, and this offers plenty of variety. It doesn’t need to be carrots for dinner every night, your options are only limited by what you decide to grow.

Of course, you are going to need to consider the climate of your local area to determine what you can or can’t grow. If you want to grow a plant that needs high humidity, but you live in a dry area, then you aren’t going to be able to easily provide the environment necessary to grow this plant. Indoor gardeners can control their growing environment and so have no problem with this but outdoor vegetable gardeners are going to need to consider their resources before planting any new seeds.

This isn’t as limiting as it might seem. The fact of the matter is that there are thousands of possibilities for what you can grow in your vegetable garden. Not only are there going to be all sorts of vegetables that will work perfectly, but also this number grows exponentially when you take into account the many subspecies there are. For example, tomatoes can be fist sized or you can choose to grow cherry tomatoes instead.

If you are looking to make money growing vegetables, then take a trip to your local farmer market and see what people are growing already. Once you know what is available, pay attention to what is missing. If someone is selling tomatoes, are they also selling cherry tomatoes? With the amount of variety there is when it comes to growing your own vegetables, you can fill a niche that isn’t being serviced or you can grow your favorite vegetables that the stores don’t seem to carry often.

Remember that just because we will be looking at certain vegetables in this book, it doesn’t mean that you have to grow any of them. Grow whatever your taste buds (or wallet) desires, just remember to research the plant beforehand to ensure it thrives in your climate.

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