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Growing Juicy Tomatoes

The first and most important thing to know about tomatoes is that they are going to want as much sun as possible. If you have a space that is shaded, then don’t even begin considering growing tomatoes. Tomatoes need at least six hours of sunlight, but they actually want it twenty four hours, every day. They just love to soak in the sun’s rays. Also, tomatoes enjoy a soil with a pH level within the 6.0 range.

Tomatoes need to have a trellis or a cage setup to prevent the tomatoes from rolling over the grow and getting bruised. A cage is easier to work with for many beginners. Some growers begin their seeds in containers and move them outdoors afterwards. Regardless of when they are planted, atomato plant should be grown after the last frost of the spring season. Tomato plants should have a couple feet between each other; they do better in a grid arrangement rather than in rows. Tomatoes will need plenty of fertilizer but nitrogen-heavy fertilizers will slow down how quickly a plant flowers.

Tomatoes need to be watered deeply twice a week. Their root system grows quite deep underground and it needs to be watered completely. It is best to water tomatoes in the morning, so that they have moisture throughout the day. Watering after noon keeps moisture trapped in the ground overnight and creates conditions that breed sickness.

Tomatoes are harvested late in their season. Growers want to keep tomatoes attached to the plant as long as they can before removing them. Tomatoes that fall off early might be able to be saved by being stored in a cool and dark location while they ripen. A tomato should be firm when squeezed, with a bright color. Discolored tomatoes need to be allowed to ripen and turn a deep red. If they never change colors then they never fully ripened. It is important to harvest before frost returns for the year. If you time it perfectly, you can get to have delicious, table ready tomatoes straight from the vine and plenty to store and sell.

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